Reporting, Evaluation and Monitoring


While HIA findings are traditionally compiled into a written report, the project team decided to create a website to present our findings on the health impacts of the Greenway. We chose this reporting medium because it:

  • Is easily accessible to a wide variety of users, including community members, city council members, funders and other stakeholders
  • Presents information in a way that is quickly understood, compared to conventional HIA reports that typically range from 80 – 150 pages in length
  • Creates a presentation that can be incorporated into existing material created for the Greenway, such as the website

Evaluation and Monitoring

The Evaluation and Monitoring stages of the HIA process have not been completed at this time as there is no information to currently evaluate and monitor. At a later date, a project team may be convened to investigate whether this HIA was successful. Although no specific metrics for evaluation have been developed, future evaluators may look into whether the HIA had any impact on decisions that were made regarding the Greenway and if any recommendations were implemented. Additionally, evaluators may monitor identified health indicators over time to determine if the predicted health impacts were realized. See the Recommendations section for more information.